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Artist and designer, Vaso Vasiliki Peritos, has re-invented the art of fine wine with her bold, vibrant and impressionistic mix media paintings.  Vaso, as she prefers to be called, creates a new contemporary look with art that transcends labels and instead asks the individual connoisseur to partake in the still life of a random set of bottles and its filled wine glass.  Titles such as One of Each, Blind Tasting of Red and Uncorked, all invoke an appreciation of fine wine that is symbolized through original works painted with a variety of media including acrylics, metallics, crayon and oils.


Vaso has always been an artist.  Influenced by her painter father, she could always be found with a crayon and pad in hand as a child.  Born in Greece, the Mediterranean played an important role providing inspiration for architecture and form and at the same time, its idyllic playground of ocean and sun spurred a love for brilliant jewel tone colors and dramatic shapes.


Vaso is living the American dream.   As an immigrant, she courageously left family behind to enroll and graduate with honors with a degree in interior design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California.  Today, she is self employed as the proprietor of Vaso Peritos Interior Design firm.  Vaso loves the challenges of creating beautiful spaces for her clients using a combination of her artistic background, aesthetic eye and a driven work ethic.  Her success in her residential and commercial design projects are reflected by her long list of thrilled clients.


As an artist, Vaso says that her impressionistic “art of fine wine” collection reflects her approach to life…one with passion, optimism and self expression.  Her art work has been well received with patrons from all over the US, Canada and the UK.


Currently, Vaso’s wine art originals are exclusive to North Bay Gallery located in the wine country of Sonoma and Yountville.  
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Vino Delisioso All Season Pure Joy Three Reasons Why
Vino Delisioso
Price: $4,650.00
All Season
Price: $7,950.00
Pure Joy
Price: $4,950.00
Three Reasons Why
Price: $3,950.00
In Vino Veritas Colorful Curiosities Wine Maker's Choice PREMIUM PACKAGE
In Vino Veritas
Price: $1,800.00
Colorful Curiosities
Price: $1,800.00
Wine Maker's Choice
Price: $3,950.00
Price: $3,950.00
Signature Club Naturally Delicious Summer's Tasting Absolute Destination
Signature Club
Price: $895.00
Naturally Delicious
Price: $1,095.00
Summer's Tasting
Price: $1,650.00
Absolute Destination
Price: $1,095.00